How to sign up with the Club - guide for parents 1 of 3

1. Introduction

Hampstead Rugby Club uses a system provided by Pitchero to present a website, gather member information securely, manage fixtures, training and club calendar, present club news, collect payments and many other things. It is used for all teams in the club, and has significantly reduced the administrative burden for managing 12 junior age groups, 2 senior ladies teams and 5 senior mens teams with over 1200 members as of 2019.

Pitchero does have it's own help information that covers most of what you will need. This should be your first port of call if you need help using Pitchero. It will cover the admin website and the club & manager apps that are available on mobile devices.

The help present on these pages are specific to the way Hampstead uses Pitchero, or where it has been found that the Pitchero help pages aren't sufficient. Pitchero is an evolving system, so each article presented in these pages will be dated so that you can see how current it is. If an article doesn't seem to line up with what you expect it could be that Pitchero have made changes. Let the HRFC webmasters know and the article can be updated.

If there is an area that you feel could do with some clarity, then contact the webmasters (Alan or Jon) for the club who can look to add some help to this section.