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1. How It Works

To register for annual membership, click here, select the appropriate annual fee (Men’s, Ladies’, Parent, etc.) and fill out the form.

We are mainly dependent on subscriptions from playing members for the running of the club. We are a non-profit-making enterprise, and this money pays for the rugby experience of our members – pitch hire, referee fees, playing kit, laundry, equipment, etc.

All members of Hampstead – Men, Ladies, Students, Juniors, Social – pay an annual membership fee which varies depending on which section you are signing up to. Indicate your category of membership in the first drop down box – Men’s, Men’s Student, Ladies, Ladies Student, Social, Juniors, or Parent. If a player the relevant annual fee means you are eligible to play all games under the RFU insurance cover click here for details of what this covers, apply for home international tickets through the club and generally call yourself a member of Hampstead RFC. The annual membership runs to 31 August.

We collect the annual membership through Direct Debit. Annual Membership is regularly collected on 1 September to cover the following year. If you register your Direct Debit after 16 August, your first collection will take place after that, but future years will be moved to 1 September.

The Direct Debit will be Collected until further notice. You can cancel when you retire.
Hampstead will never let money keep anyone from playing rugby. If these fees are a problem, contact us and we’ll work something out.

If you have any questions about the fees or the registration, contact us.

In addition, our Men & Ladies sections collect match fees. Details and registration vary by section and can be found on the link at the top of this page.