Volunteer Programme 1 of 3

1. Why Volunteer?

The Club has grown & grown over the last few seasons but is still being run by a few key members. To keep the momentum going, the club has identified certain roles that would benefit from external volunteers joining & being part of this social but competitive institution.

The Club currently runs six senior men’s teams, an occasional vets, two senior ladies XVs, and from 2010 has age group rugby for 6 year olds to 17 year olds, including a junior girls team. To even maintain this and be in a position to grow the club feels that roles outlined in this document are essential.

Many hands make light work and we need more who are willing to step up and make a difference. Most of the existing committee at Hampstead RFC are fulfilling two, three or even more roles – they do it because they enjoy it, because they want the club to succeed and if only more people got involved we’d all enjoy it even more!

Successful rugby clubs are more than just victorious teams on the pitch. Players and coaches are vitally important but so are the many dedicated volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to help a club function.

You don’t have to be a rugby expert to get involved, just a lover of the game and a realisation that any input would have a beneficial effect.
Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer

Building self-esteem and confidence
Learning and developing new skills
Enhancing work experience and building a CV
Being active and improving health and wellbeing
Meeting new people and broadening your social network
Giving something back to the game you love
Making a difference in the community
Having fun!

Enthusiasm is the key, as long as you have some, we’ll count ourselves lucky to have you. You can make a difference.

We will also offer indviduals the chance, through RFU courses, first aid courses, referee courses etc to ‘rubber stamp’ and help fulfil that role and gain a sense of achievement. Plus automatically be part of the club and all that entails, including applying for International tickets.