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Welcome Junior TMs to the 2019/2020 season

Welcome to the Hampstead Rugby Club Hub and a brand new section of the website just for Junior Team Managers.

We are trying something new this season and bending Pitchero to our will. We have created a new section on the website under Teams called the Club Hub. Here 'teams' can be created that represent groups of people who help run the club. This allows for people in those groups to:

  1. setup meetings (Pitchero fixtures)
  2. document what happened in those meetings (Pitchero match reports)
  3. put up helpful articles or information for other people in your group (Pitchero news articles)

As Juniors' Team Managers you will be very familiar with how to do all of these, as you do this for your own teams. You all have Team Admin access to this area, and can post your own articles and arrange your own meetings.

We strongly encourage you to help each other by posting useful information, or replying to articles that have been posted. If you've learned something new about Pitchero, then post the information up for someone else to learn. If you've heard information about anything to do with the Juniors section and you think it might be useful then please post an article here for everyone else to see.

Rather than sending it out all in an email, write and post the article here and you can send the link to the article in an email or Pitchero comms. As is usual for these things, contributing information makes this site useful, and makes your jobs as TMs easier.

We are hoping that this experiment makes it easier for you to share information with each other, for us to provide you with information about your role as Team Manager and for you to work more collaboratively across the Junior teams and help each other out.

A note on new club structure:
This season at both AGMs it was decided that we would out in a little bit more of a hierarchy to make sure that important messages get to the club exec team. In the Juniors there are now 3 Reps (Section Managers) for the Junior TMs and Coaches to feed information up to. Of course this doesn't stop anyone talking to anyone else in the club, but if you have something that needs to get to the executive group then these lads will be at the Junior TM meetings throughout the year, and will take note of any ideas or issues to bring to the Junior Exec.
  • Paul - Section Rep/Manager for Minis (u7 - u9)
  • Rhys - Section Rep/Manager for Midis (u10 - u12)
  • Steve - Section Rep/Manager for Youth (u13 - u18)

With regard to meetings for Team Managers, these will be setup through the year to allow a forum for ideas, issues and technology. We'll have an agenda, will be no more than an hour long and will be chaired by John McG. If there are things that you would like to discuss afterwards, then grab your section manager after the TM meeting and that can be covered.

A note on usage of the Club Hub:
Unfortunately there is no way to make this section Private. Until that is figured out by Pitchero you will need to be cautious about what you post here.
General Tips:
  • Do NOT post anything that in any way might be a breach of the club's policies
  • Do NOT post any individual's private details (full name, address, phone number, email address or any other private information)
  • INSTEAD you can link to the member on the contacts page like this John and just use their first name. Obviously this only works if they are a volunteer for the club.
  • When posting a news article for this team ensure that the 'Promoted' setting is set to No, and that the section is 'Junior TMs News'
  • Pictures and video can be posted here, but please ensure they are appropriate and specific to this team - i.e. Junior Team managers
  • If you have something that you'd like to keep private but still want to share with the group then I would suggest a secure document (e.g. word document with a password, or a protected google doc) attached to a news article. Even then I'd be cautious as to what's in that document.
  • Under no circumstances are passwords to be shared by email, or posted anywhere on the website. If you must share passwords online then an online password manager is the best way to go. Otherwise share passwords in person only.
  • Remember, if it's posted here then it's written down and fully public - use your common sense

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Junior Training 19/20 season

Pre-season prep - have all been published to Pitchero for the 2019/20 season. Next season Junior TMs will upload.

What does a Junior Team Manager do?

It's mostly communication!!!

ACTION REQUIRED - u13s - u18s fixtures

Herts/Middsx league fixtures published, and need to be uploaded to Pitchero

DBS for Juniors Volunteers

All pitch & pitch-side volunteers (regular Junior Coaches and Junior Team Managers) need to complete a DBS

ACTION REQUIRED - Check your team Volunteers

Preparing Pitchero for a new Junior Season - 1 A Series of articles to guide TMs for the start of the season.

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The team


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